Customer Comments

“Absolutely perfect guys!! Loved them!!”

-Perry 6/12/18

Helpers: Tristan, Jay


“Very efficient and professional”

-Peter Travis 6/18/18

Helpers: Tristan, Jay


“I’m so very pleased, very professional. I would highly reccommend Spokane Pro Movers to everyone.”

-Janell Cooper 6/26/18

Helpers: Andrew, Jay


“So Fast, Ran the entire time to make the trip faster, the best!”

-Teresa Crane 7/3/18

Helpers: Jay, Tristan


“Very Satisfied. Movers went the extra mile. Will highly reccomend you to others.”

-Pat Palmer 7/19/18

Helpers: Ryan, Tristan


“Great job! So fast and friendly!”

-Seth Justesen 8/7/18

Helpers: Tristan Jay

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